Small Animal Movement Requirements Webinar with Dr. Valerie Ragan

by Rebecca Haugland | March 18, 2019

GVL hosted the webinar, Small Animal Requirements for Movement and Travel with Dr. Valerie Ragan, on March 13, 2019, with a great turnout and a lot of excellent discussion.

During the webinar, Dr. Ragan and GVL representatives shared some helpful resources that we have included here.

Watch Small Animal Requirements Webinar Online

The live webinar was recorded, and we have added it to our webinars page to watch online.

Helpful Resources

Changes in Small Animal Movement Documents blog

A summary of the current situation and background with 7001 forms.

Read blog post

7001 Form States Map (pdf)

states that don't accept 7001 forms usda aphis

Download this handout of all states and their status of 7001 forms.

Download state map

Handling the 7001 Crisis with eCVIs (video)

A brief video showing how digital health certificates provide a secure alternative to 7001 forms.

Watch 7001 form video Interstate Movement Requirements

The search site, built by GVL, provides the current regulations and requirements for moving any animal species within, to or from a state.


USDA IRegs for Animal Exports

This USDA APHIS site explains international health certificate requirements for the export of animals from the United States.

Visit USDA IRegs site

Questions & Answers from the Webinar

We compiled all of the questions and answers from the webinar into one resource. Dr. Ragan also provides clarifications and corrections to some of the information that she provided. See the full Q&A summary on the GVL blog.