EECVI Toolkit

EECVI Resources for Veterinarians and Equine Owners

General EECVI Information

Head over to our Digital EECVI webpage for everything you need to know about EECVIs, from how they work to which states currently participate in the EECVI program.

Resources for Veterinarians

EECVI Help Center
EECVI Help Center
Visit the EECVI Help Center for step-by-step instructions, training resources, and FAQs.
Training Videos
EECVI Training Video
Watch for step-by-step instructions on writing EECVIs through GlobalVetLink.
EECVI Infographic
Infographic with EECVI tips for veterinary practices to share with their equine owners. 
On-Demand CE Webinar
Learn how EECVIs work, the benefits of EECVIs and how to encourage adoption.

Resources for Owners

MyVetLink Info
Learn how MyVetLink enables veterinarians to quickly share movement documents, test certificates, and results.
EECVI Help Center
MyVetLink Help Center
The MyVetLink Help Center provides owners step-by-step instructions, training resources, and FAQs.
Training Videos
MyVetLink Training Videos for Owners
Learn how to use your MyVetLink account like a pro by watching our training videos for animal owners.
Your Go-To Guide for MyVetLink
We've compiled everything owners need to know about their MyVetLink login in this quick Go-To Guide!