Digital Health Certificates (CVIs)

GVL takes the guesswork out of state movement requirements.

Easy health certificates.

Yes, really.

GVL digital Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs), also known as health certificates, help veterinarians keep their patients moving with easy-to-use software for complete, accurate certificates.

  • Approved for all US states and territories
  • Auto-fill client and animal information
  • Built-in state movement requirements
  • Immediate submission to state officials
  • Secure alternative to 7001 forms
  • Easily share with clients online

Extended Equine CVIs – 6 Month Health Certificates

GVL provides a seamless digital solution for the new Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (EECVI) program.

EECVIs function just like traditional health certificates, but last for six months and provide a better solution for frequent travelers with horses.

Free CE Webinar

Interstate Travel and Movement Compliance for Companion Animals

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Necessary preparations for traveling with companion animals within the US and Internationally, including documentation, identification and testing requirements
  • Potential travel requirements and how they vary by destination and by carrier
  • How to ensure clients have what they need for compliant travel with companion animals

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